The Importance of Trusting Your Property Professional

Placing your biggest financial asset into someone else’s hands understandably requires extreme levels of trust, and many will have reservations about doing so. But what can a property professional do for you, and more importantly, why should you trust them?


1. They know the market better than anyone

Property professionals have read and studied the property market for years, and they are the first to know of any trends or changes. If you’re waiting for the best time to move up the property ladder or place your home on the market, your first point of contact should be a trusted agent. They can tell you exactly how and when to make your move for the best possible outcome. 


2. Your needs come first

Despite common belief, estate agents are not thinking about their own profit margins. They are highly aware of the value of gaining trust from their clients, and their reputation relies on making sure that you walk away with a negotiation that works best for you. Reviews and feedback can make or break a business, and an agent who is only out for themselves will have trouble finding future clients!


3. Professional advice

Moving home is not for the faint-hearted, so it’s important to have someone resilient and knowledgeable on your side. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by tedious paperwork and phone calls. Having a professional at hand who can offer expert advice and walk you through any troubling questions will provide you some reassurance and help lighten the load.


4. Experienced negotiators

Estate agents are trained to a high standard and know how to market and sell your home to secure the maximum price for your property. Prospective buyers entering the market with little experience can be viewed as vulnerable and will need an effective and experienced negotiator to lead the way.


5. Sales progression

Sales progression is the hidden iceberg below the surface. Once an offer has been accepted, hard work and dedication is needed to follow the sale right through legal proceedings, up until the exchange of contracts. It’s estimated that one in three property sales fall through due to a breakdown in communication between buyers and sellers who fail to understand the process. Achieving a sale is only the beginning, you will need to rely on a good agent to ensure your sale progresses to completion. 


Sales progression is the hidden iceberg below the surface


Property professionals are on your side

It’s important to note that there could be consequences when attempting to navigate the property market alone. Without an agent you could risk encountering fraud, defective properties, or overpricing. 


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