The benefits of building an annexe

If you’re considering adding an annexe to your home, you’re in growing company. An increasing number of homeowners are looking to their gardens to expand their living spaces in the form of a self-contained annexe.  

If you’re considering building an annexe of your own, here are just some of the benefits. 

Multi-generational living 

Homeownership isn’t an easy feat, especially for retired dwellers and early nest-fleers. Whether it’s a helping hand towards independence, or a cosy private space to wile away a few years of saving up for a home, a garden annexe could be the perfect solution. Cross-generational living arrangements are much more harmonious when everyone has their own dedicated living space. In addition, you might want to bring a loved one closer so that they can be cared for in a setting they’re comfortable in.

Having a home office 

The pandemic-induced spike in remote work has left many Brits in need of more versatile space to accommodate long working hours. If you have multiple family members working from home, an annexe is a great way to break up the space and create healthy boundaries for a better work-life balance. 

Financial perks 

An annexe only commands an upfront cost, whereas care costs can be staggeringly high, with no clear end in sight. By moving a loved one into a traditional ‘Granny Annexe’, you can save on care costs while also being able to keep an eye on their wellbeing. 

Value enhancement 

According to Checkatrade, a self-contained annexe could add up to 20-30% to the value of your home. Various factors will affect your exact figure, such as size, the quality of the finish, and where you live, but adding more living space to your home is certain to be attractive to future potential buyers. 

Opportunity to live out your design dreams 

For some, the most exciting aspect of building an annexe is the extra bit of freedom to get creative with design. As a separate entity from the main living space, you can try out all those fun interior trends that don’t quite match your house but would look fantastic in a smaller dwelling. The possibilities are endless when you’re free from the constraints of having to match the rest of the house, so take the opportunity to curate an exciting and original layout that satisfies your inner interior designer.  

Buying a home with an annexe 

If you aren’t keen on building your own, buying a property with an annexe could save you a lot of hassle. However, when searching for a property with an annexe, it’s important to consider your specific requirements such as additional accessibility. Is the annexe versatile? Could it be converted to suit your needs? Your agent will have an extensive portfolio of suitable properties, so inform them of your wants and needs to help them whittle down the search for your dream home. 

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