Nine points to consider if you are thinking of selling

1. Evaluate and understand your goals: Determine why you’re selling and understand your objectives, this is crucial. Do you want a larger property, need to downsize or relocate? Knowing what you want from your move is crucial.

2. Market Research: Research your local market. Understand property values, demand and trends in your area. Pick up the phone to your local agent to find out more or visit a few portals and websites to get the information you need.

3. Financial Planning: Assess your finances. Calculate your expected proceeds of sale, as well as costs including mortgage, agent fees and any work required on your property to be ready for the market.

4. Home Preparation: Remove unnecessary furniture, make necessary repairs and make the best of natural light and space in the property. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

6. Pricing Strategy: Work with your agent to agree a pricing strategy. Avoid overpricing, this can deter buyers.

7. Marketing: Work with your Estate Agent and provide useful information about the property to assist in the creation of the brochure. Be flexible with viewings and help share your property where possible on social media.

8. Negotiation: Be prepared to negotiate. You may not need to negotiate but be prepared to consider offers and counter offers. Flexibility can lead to a smoother transaction and quicker result.

9. Local Estate Agent: Consider a local Estate Agent that knows and works in the area. Local knowledge will help give your property the best opportunity to be noticed. A local agent will guide you through the process.

Selling your home can stressful but also very rewarding.

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