Are you ready to sell your home?

The idea of selling your home can be daunting and exciting. Taking very careful consideration before you make the decision to sell is good advice. Also understanding the reasons why, you feel ready or why you may not feel ready is part if that careful consideration. Here are a few reasons why you may not be ready to sell your home.

1. Emotional Attachment. If you have a strong attachment to your property or sentimental ties this could hold you back from deciding to sell your home. Understanding these attachments and why you have them may help you reach a decision.

2. Market Conditions. If you don’t feel the current property market would be beneficial to if you sold your home this could dissuade you from coming to the market. The market changes all the time and there is never a perfect time in the market to sell your home.

3. Financial Concerns. You don’t feel you would achieve the desired price for your home. Prices in the market change from one month to the next. Getting a market appraisal from a local agent will give you a good idea of what to expect if it came to the market.

4. Uncertainty About Next Home: You may not have found your next home or your forever home. Get your property ready sell and keep a close eye on the market until you see the property you want.

5. Home Improvements. You may still be upgrading, replacing or improving your property. If you get these jobs done this will give your property the best chance of attracting a buyer.

6. Family Considerations. You may be waiting for the right time for family reasons. Make sure your property is “market ready” so that when you and your family are ready you can be confident of giving yourselves the best chance of attracting a buyer.

There is never a perfect time to sell or buy and it is very difficult, if not impossible to predict the future of the property market in the UK. There are so many factors which influence the various sections of the market and the market as a whole, making it unrealistic to predict with any certainty. Ultimately the market moves all the time which means that the property you would be looking to buy may well be affected by the current market conditions in the same way your property maybe. Giving your property the best opportunity to achieve the best price in the market whatever the conditions, is good advice.

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