10 Tips to keep your garden “viewing ready” in the winter

1.Regular Leaf Clearing: Stay on top of fallen leaves, as they can accumulate quickly. Regularly rake or use a leaf blower to keep paths and plant beds clear.

2. Prune and Trim: Trim overgrown branches and bushes to maintain a tidy appearance. This also encourages healthier growth in the spring.

3. Invest in Outdoor Storage: Keep garden tools, pots and equipment organised in a shed or outdoor store. This prevents clutter and mess and shows potential buyers you outside space is organised.

4. Plant Winter-Friendly Flora: Introduce winter-flowering plants or evergreens to add colour and vibrancy to your garden even in the colder months.

5. Mow the Lawn Short: Before winter comes, give your lawn a final short mow. This helps prevent disease and makes it easier to clean up debris.

6. Apply Winter Fertilizer: Boost your plants’ resilience with a winter fertilizer, providing essential nutrients that promote strong roots and improve overall health.

7. Illuminate the Space: Install outdoor lighting strategically to enhance the garden’s appearance during darker winter days. This can add charm and the “wow” factor to your garden in the winter.

8. Protect Delicate Plants: Shield delicate plants from frost by covering them. This safeguards them from harsh winter conditions.

9. Clear Snow and Ice: Keep paths and driveways clear of snow and ice for safety. Use salt or grit as needed to prevent slipping. This is essential when the weather is very cold and viewings are expected.

10. Plan for Spring: Use winter as a time to plan and prepare for spring. Consider any changes or additions you’d like to make to your garden and start researching new plantings.

These tips will help you maintain a tidy and inviting garden throughout the winter.