Advertising introduction

Stanifords chose to change its identity and market itself around the Internet in 2001. The original website was launched in May of that year. Since then it has become the cornerstone of Stanifords estate agency business, helping the company to expand to three offices and reinforcing their position as a leading agency in Hull and East Yorkshire. The website has also been winning awards along the way. A totally new site, withits own unique property search facility, has beenup and running since February 2005 and is attracting even more visitors.

Site visits

At least 10,000 visits per month by over 3150 individuals – an average of three visits per person.

Average time spent on site

3 minutes per visit, over 480 hours in time spent on site each month.

Number of pages visited

60,000 pages viewed each month, an average of six pages per visit.

Stop press

May 2005 – a record 14,441 visits showing the new site is pulling in even more traffic.

This year we are forecasting 55,000 individual visitors, making over 250,000 visits, with over 1.5 million pages and 6000 hours on site. This puts the site amongst the best niche sites in the region and makes it a major success story.

So what does this all mean?
It means we have a unique promotional opportunity which is now available to those businesses connected with the sale and purchase of new and existing properties. Whether you are a property developer, services supplier or involved in post-purchase activities, we can deliver an audience who are both focussed and looking to spend money on their existing or new home or its sale or purchase.

We have visitors to our website who will not be aware of who you are or what you offer. By linking with us, through the website, you can raise your awareness amongst potential customers. Compare this with the other media channels available to you. How many people read the Property Guides in our regional and local press – it falls well short of the claimed total circulation and print run. Door-to-door works, but how many mailers get thrown in the bin. And radio and T.V are really just for bigger campaigns.

To ensure we get people visiting our website, we promote it constantly. Our corporate identity includes our web address, ensuring it is promoted wherever our logo appears. This includes our For Sale Boards, as well as all our advertising. We run adverts in the local newspapers and magazines. These take the form of property adverts as well as corporate half and full page adverts. By advertising on our website you will be buying into this spend and taking advantage of it.

Visitors to our website come to it for a reason. They either want to buy or sell a home, new or old. And because of this, they need to make link purchases.

Category One: (see below for an example)

Key Suppliers
This category is for a maximum of six organisations. The package includes a rolling banner advertisement on the home page with a two-second hold; a single display advertisement on the site webpage of your choice (not the Home page) and you also get a full static website page which is accessed by clicking through the banner advertisement.

Cost: 250 per month + VAT (293.75)

Category Two: (see below for an example)

Local and National Advertisers
A single display advertisement on the site webpage of your choice (not the Home page).

Cost: 99 per month plus VAT (111.63)

Category Three: (see below for an example)

Local Service Suppliers and Tradesmen
This is for small companies and the self-employed. It will be split into categories eg painters and decorators. There are three types of advert available. The first is a simple name and contact telephone number and is free. The second is a box advert next to the listings. The third is a page dominant, full width banner advert (one only per category).

Cost: Banner Advert - 60 per month plus VAT (70.50)
Box Advertising - 20 per month plus VAT (23.50)
Name and Contact - Free

What do I have to do next?
There is no charge for the creation of the initial advert, assuming you supply your logo and any body copy to our design team. If you want to make any future changes to your advert you can make them as often as you like and it will only cost you 30 for any amount of work, big or small.

The cost to advertise is charged monthly by standing order and you’ll get an invoice to support your monthly payment. There are no other means of payment; we want to keep administration costs down to a minimum so you get a better deal.

Opposite are links to a downloadable Rate Card complete with an Order Form, and Guidelines for Artwork creation.

Simply select from one of the five options and send the completed Order Form back to us. We will get back in touch with you to get all the information we need to put together our on-site advert. You’ll get the final copy for approval and a couple of days later your advert will be up on the site. It couldn’t be simpler.

Category 1 example
Category 2 example
Category 3 example

Download the Rate Card and Order Form

Download the Guidelines for Artwork

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